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Interrim (In Production)

While spending the summer on a small Greek island away from their home city of Berlin, Loukas and Claire, a young couple, become intertwined with a local artist, Agathia, who has a deep and mythical knowledge of the island. Agathia’s freedom and magical view of the world offers Claire the opportunity to question the choices she has made in her life, and how she inhabits herself. Their friendship reveals the ghosts and fissures not only in Claire and Loukas’ relationship but in Claire’s understanding of herself.

This film deals with questions of how to inhabit the modern, material world without succumbing to its’ numbing powers, and what we may have to sacrifice to access the freedom of a spiritual, more connected reality. What happens when we recognize the roles we are constantly and unconsciously performing? And how far are we willing to go to release ourselves?

Throughout the film we see rehearsals of a dance and theatre production written by Loukas. His production tells the story of a woman who is so enchanted by mysterious underwater music that she is tempted to drown herself. We are currently raising funds, casting dancers, and rehearsing to shoot this production in Berlin.